ICT (Information Communication Technology)… you and me!

So, one of the issues I’m hoping to address here in this blog is the use of ICT in the classroom. When I refer to the term ICT, I do of course mean mobile phones, tablet devices, laptops etc. The scope of ICT is much broader than just a physical device alone, as devices are merely the platform by which to access things like social media (twitter, facebook, pinterest, stumble upon, Skype, Google+, delicious, etc), email, video and other digital means.

Are you a secondary school teacher/educator who’s taken the leap into administering, facilitating and cooperating your classroom through the use of digital technology? Do you have any preferred or chosen platform (Apple, Android, other)? Has there been good support from your institution in it’s implementation into the classroom?

Since looking into this I have become aware of both Apple’s and Googles advances into the realm of education, and why wouldn’t they? From a business perspective it makes perfect sense, get users established early on your platform and you’ve got them hooked..


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